Cinema… passion for a few, art for some, a dream for many… Are you all still dreaming of cinema? Now stop dreaming and feel then MOLLYWOOD… ‘CELLULOID’ your Cinema guide is here. Celluloid is a film magazine, which speaks about sensational as well as remarkable movies. It involves years of experiences that vary from acting to technicalities. It is a perfect fit for those who believe future cinema will be theirs. So, if cinema is sincerely in your heart, Celluloid will come in search of you.

Director’s Talk
Forget those boring interviews. Now it’s time to listen those interesting and UNTOLD stories. Director’s talk is a journey through the lives and experiences of famous directors. It deals with their unsung stories, golden movements and crisis they faced in their movie life. From Director’s talk, you will get to know the famous movies as well as their upcoming movies which will also be published in our website.

New Face
Cinema is always in the HUNT for new faces. Keep on track with the new faces in cinema through ‘New Face’. One day you can also be in the limelight… A RED CARPET may be waiting. The CELLULOID pages are left blank JUST FOR YOU.

Techie Talks
From mute films to films with sound track, black and white to color, dubbing to sing sound, from highly heavy cameras to light weight and flying cameras… It is technology that makes all this happen. ‘Techie Talks’ is a space where you can meet technicians in cinema including the highly talented editors.

Wall Post
There was time, when wall posts played a crucial role in advertising movies. So yes, it is a nostalgic term. But, here ‘Wall Post’ has nothing to do with nostalgia. The time has changed, now it is an era of social media. Today each and every movie is travelling with us from its very beginning. ‘Wall Post’ is where you can find such details and social media discussions.

Photo Shoot
Do you really wish for a makeover like our movie stars? ‘Photo Shoot’ can help you there. Find the photographs of your favorite stars in ‘Celluloid Photo Shoot’. If you want the rest and background stories, then click on our website. See the rest of the photographs, making videos, and so on…

Location Map
‘Location Map’ is where you can find the minutiae of movies that in production. You can discover the location of your favorite movie star, also their next character role, how the shooting is progressing… all in ‘Location Map’.

Exclusive Star Chat
A film star, themselves sharing information about their movies, giving updates time by time… that is interesting, isn’t it? Then open ‘Exclusive Star Chat’, it will be more interesting.

When we say HOT… IT IS REALLY HOT.!!